A Guide to PA/PTA Bylaws

Hosted by: Anthony Settle and Raymond Pierre-Louis, Division of Family & Community Engagement Description:  This presentation provides an overview and definition of Parent Associations and Parent Teacher Associations (PA/PTAs) bylaws and describes how bylaws ensure the effective functioning of PA/PTAs.  The presentation also describes how to review, write and revise PA/PTA bylaws in accordance with […]

Recording: “PA/PTA Financial Affairs (Part 1 of 2)”

Part 1 of the PA/PTA Financial Affairs presentation provides an overview of the financial responsibilities of PAs and PTAs. Specifically, this presentation will address how financial practices should be addressed in the PA/PTA bylaws and the role of the PA/PTA treasurer. Proper PA/PTA financial recordkeeping, including the maintenance of a PA/PTA checking account are also discussed.

Recording: “PA/PTA Financial Affairs (Part 2 of 2)”

Part 2 of the PA/PTA Financial Affairs presentation provides an overview of the fundraising guidelines for PAs and PTAs. Additional topics include: completing the Interim and Annual Financial Reports, preparing and approving the PA/PTA budget, and reviewing and auditing PA/PTA records.

Recording: “Chancellor’s Regulation A660 Review”

Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 sets forth the governance structure of Parent Associations (PAs), Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Presidents’ Councils to ensure the rights of parents are clearly established. This webinar provides an overview and a summary of changes to the regulation as of June 26, 2012.

Recording: “PA/PTA Elections”

The PA/PTA election is an important annual event that supports the continuity and ongoing success of the PA/PTA. This presentation provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for nominating committee members and election meeting chairs to ensure that the nomination and election process is conducted in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-660. It should be viewed as part of the election planning process.

Recording: “Special Education Reform: Basics for SLTs”

This presentation is an overview and explanation of the New York City Department of Education’s special education reform and how it relates to your school. It outlines the need for special education reform, describes the reform and how it may impact your school and your work as an SLT member.

Recording: “Supporting Title I Programs”

An overview of Title I program requirements, with an emphasis on parent involvement and the supports available at the school, district, and CFN levels. This presentation will also provide a summary of and links to available resources.

Recording: “An Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure”

Parliamentary Procedures help Councils conduct orderly, productive meetings. This presentation begins by examining the basic steps by which motions are considered and the process of voting for motions. It also discusses several of the more common secondary motions, including Amend, Refer, Postpone, and Previous Question, which closes debate. Finally, it discusses the tools available to members to enforce rules and to suspend them. Working knowledge of these motions and the forms used in handling them is essential to holding a smooth, productive meeting.

Recording: “Education Council Roles and Responsibilities”

This presentation is an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Citywide and Community Education Councils, including a discussion of the history of the Councils and an overview of their organization, powers and duties. The webinar also provides quick facts relating to the Councils and concludes with a discussion of quorum, vacancies, reporting requirements and bylaws.

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