Recording: “Special Education Reform: Basics for SLTs”

Title: Special Education Reform: Basics for SLTs

Duration: 23 minutes

Description: This presentation is an overview and explanation of the New York City Department of Education’s special education reform and how it relates to your school. It outlines the need for special education reform, describes the reform and how it may impact your school and your work as an SLT member.

Note: Indirect Services provide collaborative consultation between the special education teacher and the general education teacher which focuses on adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying and adapting instructional techniques and methods to meet the individual needs of the student in the general education classroom. Agreed-upon strategies are delivered by the special education teacher and/or the general education teacher.

Hosted by:

  • Deepti Panjabi, Division of Students with Disabilities and ELLs
  • Ron Noble Jr, Division of Family & Community Engagement

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